Starting Archery at WVAC

Beginners sessions are run from 9am to 10am usually on the second and third Sundays of each month.

Step 1. Come & Try

If you have never used a bow before and would like to give it a go, we have "Come and Try it" sessions available on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of each Month.
To book a spot on one of the sessions, look in the bookings area below and find an entry titled WVAC Archery - Beginners - Come and Try It, find a date that suits, and click Book Now . If the session is full you can still register an interest by clicking Wait List and we will let you know if a spot comes up.

Each session costs $20 per person and includes equipment, group coaching, and insurance for a one hour shooting session.

On the day, try and arrive at the club at 8:45am as there is some administration and equipment fitting required. This will allow you to shoot right on 9:00am

Step 2. Temporary Membership

Once you have completed a come and try it session, you should know how to shoot safely and if you are reading this you are ready for more. Or perhaps you have used a bow before and would like to get back into the sport?
The booking section also has weekly entries for Temporary Members Sessions that allow you to continue shooting for up to 12 visits. Coaching, gear and insurance is provided so you can decide if archery is for you. These sessions are also from 9am to 10am most Sundays (we do close down over the summer holiday for a little while)

Each session is $20 and is 1 hour


If bookings are not listed, please click here

Step 3. Becoming a member

By this stage you are hooked on archery and are planning to continue with the sport. As a member there is no need to book a place and you can shoot for much longer if you desire. Please note that the 12 week temporary membership is an upper limit and does NOT mean you need to wait 12 weeks before becoming a full member. For families it can often be cheaper to join :)

Membership fees (effective 1 March 2016). This includes affilation to Archery Australia and Archery ACT

12 Months from the day of joining Full Membership
Adult $290.00
Minor (Under 18) $210.00
Family (1) (2 Adults, 1 Minor) $525.00
Family (2) (1 Adult, 2 Minors) $495.00
Each additional Minor, over 3 person family $25.00
Concession Card Holders/Seniors Card $250.00
Associate Member (non-shooter) - $25.00
Associate Shooting Member Must belong to another AA Club - Family and junior rates available $190.00

Members have access to club facilities at any time provided you have your own gear. On Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons, club bows are available so that you may continue to practice until you get your own equipment.

Step 4. Getting Your own Gear

We recommend that you not buy gear until you have shot a few times and tried out some of the available options at the club. There are many different styles of shooting that require different specifications.

Other members of the club can help you purchasing equipment that is suited to you.
The general sequence of events for purchasing gear is as follows;

Archery Australia

Once you join WVAC you are also a member of Archery Australia. As members of Archery Australia, individuals and the club are bound by its policies and standards of behaviour.
Please see Archery Australia's Constitution and Policies. If you have any questions, please refer them to one of the committee members - (notice board in the clubhouse).

Not in the Weston area? There are other Archery ranges in the ACT

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